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(1) Assume $2,855 is the maximum salary of your current class.

(2) Multiply that top step by 1.05

(3) Round off to a whole number

(4) Multiply that number by 1.05

(5) Round off to a whole number

(6) Subtract $1

$2,855 x 1.05 (5% increase) = $2,997.75

Round to $2,998

$2,998 x 1.05 (5% increase) = $3,147.90

Round to $3,148

$3,148 - $1 = $3,147

Result: The maximum salary of the new class may not be more than $3,147.

Note: "Two steps" is a compound figure. You must always multiply each step by 1.05 (5%). You cannot multiply by 10%. Also, be sure you are comparing the maximum salary rate for your class (and alternate range, if you are in a "deep class"), not your current salary rate. Staff in the Personnel Management Division make the final decision that duties, responsibilities, and classifications are "substantially the same."



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