Board Meeting Transcripts 2017

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Board meeting transcripts are the written record of what was said at a Board meeting. They are prepared by agenda item and only upon request. To request a transcript that is not on the pages below, or if you have questions regarding transcripts, contact:

Jillian Sumner, Transcript Coordinator
Board Proceedings Division
Phone: 1-916-322-6552
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Case Title Item Number   Board Meeting Date    
Access San Diego, LLCC1111/16/17Text Version
Dish Network California Service CorporationC908/30/17Text Version
Tobacco Republic IncorporatedD112/13/17Text Version
Incentive Destination Productions, Inc.C1208/30/17Text Version
First American Title Insurance CompanyC412/12/17Text Version
Property Tax Deputy Director's Report: Adoption of 4-R Act Equalization Ratio for Fiscal Year 2017-'18P5.105/23/17Text Version
Koch Supplies, Inc.C1412/13/17Text Version
Shawn Victor BachorC707/28/17Text Version
D & H DistributingC1311/16/17Text Version
Robert Warren RosenbaumC1012/13/17Text Version
Newport Jewelers By Gabe Arik Corp.C1011/16/17Text Version
Gourmet 88 ManagementC912/12/17Text Version
Charles R. MarshallC110/24/17Text Version
Keyshawn Johnson and Shikiri JohnsonB212/11/17Text Version
Bank of America Corporation and its AffiliatesB111/14/17Text Version
Angiodynamics, Inc.C410/24/17Text Version
County of Riverside Auditor-ControllerC1609/28/17Text Version
Final Actions - Waived Appearances09/27/17Text Version
Key Events, Inc.C8a-C8b08/30/17Text Version
Gilbert P. HyattB208/29/17Text Version
Gilbert P. HyattB108/29/17Text Version
Business Taxes Committee06/20/17Text Version
Public Motors Orange County, LLCC1108/30/17Text Version
Discussion on Ex Parte Communications 07/27/17Text Version
Richard R. Betchley and Kellie S. BrunkB107/27/17Text Version
Executive Director's Report: Organizational UpdateP1.107/28/17Text Version
Fuscoe Engineering, Inc., et al.B2a-B2e07/27/17Text Version
Final Actions (Cases heard July 27, 2017)07/28/17Text Version
Executive Director's Report: Organizational UpdateP1.105/23/17Text Version
Doomid, Inc.C10a-C10b04/26/17Text Version
Organization of the Board02/23/17Text Version
Executive Director's Report: Taxpayers' Rights Advocate's 2015-16 Property and Business Taxes Annual ReportP1.402/22/17Text Version
Property Tax Committee06/20/17Text Version
Ray KlammerC406/20/17Text Version
Peter S. MagnussonB406/20/17Text Version
Public Hearing: Property Taxes - State Assessees' Presentations on Capitalization Rates and Other Factors Affecting ValuesF206/20/17Text Version
Administration Deputy Director's Report: Vacancy UpdateP6.206/20/17Text Version
Final Action06/20/17Text Version
GPS Enterprise, Inc.C1204/26/17Text Version
Chief Counsel Matters: Rulemaking - Section 100 Changes - Sales and Use Tax Regulation 1707J106/20/17Text Version
Board Member Requested MattersR05/24/17Text Version
Board Member Requested MattersR05/23/17Text Version
Chief Counsel Matters: Rulemaking - Sales and Use Tax Regulation 1703, Interest and PenaltiesJ105/23/17Text Version
Public Hearing: Proposed Amendments to Sales and Use Tax Regulation 1591, Medicines and Medical Devices F105/23/17Text Version
Final Action04/25/17Text Version
Customer Services and Administrative Efficiency Committee04/25/17Text Version
Green Apple, Inc. and The Cravery Northern CA, Inc.C7a-b01/25/17Text Version
Stars Holding Co., LLCC203/29/17Text Version
Legislative Committee02/22/17Text Version
Chief Counsel Matters: Rulemaking - Section 100 Changes - Rules for Tax Appeals Regulation 5332, Time of Filing of ApplicationJ303/28/17Text Version
Chief Counsel Matters: Rulemaking - Section 100 Changes - Property Tax Rule 1051, Extension of Time for Acts Required by RegulationJ203/28/17Text Version
Chief Counsel Matters: Rulemaking - Section 100 Changes - Property Tax Rule 263, Roll CorrectionsJ103/28/17Text Version
Isaac Peter GharibehC1102/23/17Text Version
Ron AustinC602/23/17Text Version
Technology Deputy Director's Report: CROS Project Update and ActionsP7.102/22/17Text Version
Public Hearings: Proposed Adoption of Cigarette and Tobacco Products Tax Regulation 4001, Retail Stock F102/22/17Text Version
The Sherwin-Williams CompanyB302/22/17Text Version
Final Actions02/22/17Text Version
Tax Program Nonappearance Matters - Adjudicatory - Franchise and Income Tax MattersH2.301/26/17Text Version
Tax Program Nonappearance Matters - Adjudicatory - Franchise and Income Tax MattersH2.301/25/17Text Version
Administration Deputy Director's Report: 2017-18 Governor's BudgetP6.101/25/17Text Version
Body Wise International, LLCC501/25/17Text Version
Customer Services and Administrative Efficiency Committee01/25/17Text Version
Ameristar Casinos, Inc. & Subs.B301/24/17Text Version
Final Action - Public Motors Orange County, LLC01/24/17Text Version
Chief Counsel Matters: Section 100 Changes - Regulations 1532, 1533.1, 1533.2, 1534, 1535 and 1598J201/25/17Text Version