Board Meeting Transcripts 2013

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Case Title Item Number   Board Meeting Date    
Fun is First, Inc.C1610/31/13Text Version
Award Presentations to Acquisitions Branch and Technology Services Division12/17/13Text Version
Customer Services and Administrative Efficiency Committee12/17/13Text Version
Other Chief Counsel Matters: Report on Taxpayer ReliefM111/19/13Text Version
Executive Director's Report: CROS Project Update and ActionsP1.211/20/13Text Version
Emergency Telephone Users SurchargeP4.210/29/13Text Version
Approval of the 2014 Board Workload PlanP1.110/29/13Text Version
Fire Prevention Fee Program UpdateP4.110/29/13Text Version
No Cash Pilot UpdateP3.110/29/13Text Version
Other Chief Counsel Matters: Delegation of Non-Discretionary Administrative Rate-Setting Adjustments to Executive DirectorM110/29/13Text Version
Public Comment Re: Applied Companies - No. 52652710/29/13Text Version
Administration Deputy Director's Report: Facilities UpdateP5.109/10/13Text Version
Fire Prevention Fee Program UpdateP4.108/13/13Text Version
Customer Services and Administrative Efficiency Committee08/13/13Text Version
Administration Deputy Director's Report: Facilities UpdateP5.106/11/13Text Version
Public Hearings: Timber Harvest ValuesF106/11/13Text Version
Tax Program Nonappearance Matters - Consent: Legal Appeals MattersG105/22/13Text Version
Appointment of Research & Statistics Division Manager Joe Fitz05/22/13Text Version
State-Assessed Properties Value Setting05/22/13Text Version
Marketplace Fairness Act of 2013 UpdateP1.405/22/13Text Version
Administration Deputy Director's Report: Contracts Over $1 MillionP5.105/22/13Text Version
Customer Services and Administrative Efficiency Committee05/22/13Text Version
Executive Director's Report: CROS Project Update and ActionsP1.404/24/13Text Version
Legislative Committee12/17/13Text Version
GWF Energy, LLCE1a-E1c12/17/13Text Version
Consent AgendaN2-N611/20/13Text Version
Public Comment: William Connell12/17/13Text Version
Public Comment: William Connell10/29/13Text Version
Executive Director's Report: CROS Project Update and ActionsP1.210/29/13Text Version
Executive Director's Report: Rate-setting DelegationP1.311/20/13Text Version
Business Taxes Committee11/19/13Text Version
Report on Recent Federal Regulatory Action Regarding Residential, Business, and Wind and Solar Resource Leases on Indian LandP2.110/29/13Text Version
Adjournment in Memory of John D. Gibbs and Abe Golomb10/31/13Text Version
Consent Agenda: Retirement ResolutionsN111/20/13Text Version
Applied CompaniesB211/19/13Text Version
Todd Bentley and Kate BentleyB111/19/13Text Version
Tax Program Nonappearance Matters - AdjudicatoryH112/17/13Text Version
Final Actions12/17/13Text Version
Mark J. Weidhaas and Richard A. WeinerC711/20/13Text Version
Final Action - GWF Energy, LLC12/17/13Text Version
Business Taxes Committee12/17/13Text Version
Song Cha SanchezC710/30/13Text Version
Request for Board Direction on Publication of Legal Annotation 880.0155.005, Low-Income HousingM211/19/13Text Version
Final Actions11/19/13Text Version
Final Actions11/20/13Text Version
Final Action - Item H1.4 (case heard 11/19/13)11/20/13Text Version
General Industrial Tool & SupplyC1710/31/13Text Version
Gordon W. Kelley & Terry D. EavesC2a-C2b10/30/13Text Version
Proposed Adoption of Amendments to Sales and Use Tax Regulation 1705F412/17/13Text Version
Proposed Adoption of Amendments to Sales and Use Tax Regulation 1502F312/17/13Text Version
Y&S Enterprises, Inc.C310/30/13Text Version
Final Actions10/31/13Text Version
Final Actions10/29/13Text Version
Final Actions - Pacific Coast Building Products, Inc.10/30/13Text Version
Pacific Coast Building Products, Inc.B7a-B7h10/29/13Text Version
Proposed Adoption of Amendments to the Board of Equalization Rules for Tax AppealsF111/19/13Text Version
Special Presentation - BOE Headquarters Building11/20/13Text Version
City of Fontana, Lathrop and San BernardinoC110/30/13Text Version
Final Actions - Cases Heard October 30, 201310/31/13Text Version
Other Administrative Matters: Annual Board/Assessors' MeetingP1.204/24/13Text Version
Legislative Committee04/25/13Text Version
Tax Program Nonappearance Matters - AdjudicatoryH106/11/13Text Version
Opening Remarks09/10/13Text Version
CROS Project Update and ActionsP1.109/10/13Text Version
Approval of 2014 Hazardous Substances Program Fees and Occupational Lead Poisoning Prevention FeeP4.209/10/13Text Version
CROS Project Update and ActionsP1.208/13/13Text Version
Fire Prevention Fee Program UpdateP4.109/10/13Text Version
2014/15 Budget Change ProposalsP5.208/13/13Text Version
2013/14 Legislative Budget Change ProposalsP5.108/13/13Text Version
Tax Program Nonappearance Matters - AdjudicatoryH1.708/13/13Text Version
Tonja M. JarrellB108/13/13Text Version
Fire Prevention Fee Program UpdateP4.407/17/13Text Version
CROS Project Update and ActionsP1.207/17/13Text Version
Vincent J. Maranto and Susan L. MarantoB607/17/13Text Version
Tax Program Nonappearance Matters - AdjudicatoryH1.107/17/13Text Version
Ibrahim Said MekhailC1a-C1h07/17/13Text Version
Victor H. BoydB407/17/13Text Version
Section 100 Changes - Property Tax Rules 263, Roll Corrections, 462.020, 462.060, 462.160, 462.180, 462.220 and 462.240J209/10/13Text Version
Rulemaking: Property Tax Rule 474J109/10/13Text Version
Rafael Eduardo Delgado and Alexander OrantesC607/17/13Text Version
Proposed Adoption of Lumber Products Assessment Regulations 2000 and 2001F109/10/13Text Version
William G. MorschauserC407/17/13Text Version
Public Comment: Daniel Berko09/10/13Text Version
Final Actions09/10/13Text Version
Easy Life Furniture, Inc.C807/18/13Text Version
Business Taxes Committee08/13/13Text Version
Proposed Adoption of Sales and Use Tax Regulation 1566.1, Auto Auctions and Auto DismantlersF108/13/13Text Version
Section 100 Changes: Proposed Amendments to Regulation 1642, Bad DebtsJ208/13/13Text Version
Rulemaking: Second Readoption of Emergency Regulation 2000, Retailer Reimbursement RetentionJ108/13/13Text Version
Elizabeth Shutters, Inc.C1307/18/13Text Version
Nirvair CorporationC1207/18/13Text Version
Final Actions08/13/13Text Version
Business Taxpayers' Bill of Rights HearingF107/17/13Text Version
Loh Sun International, Inc.D102/28/13Text Version
Business Taxes Committee06/11/13Text Version
Property Taxpayers' Bill of Rights HearingF207/17/13Text Version
Final Actions - Item C1a through C1h (Heard 7/17/13)07/18/13Text Version
Final Actions07/18/13Text Version
Final Actions07/17/13Text Version
Legislative Committee02/26/13Text Version
2014/15 Budget ConceptsP5.306/11/13Text Version
CROS Project Update and ActionsP1.406/11/13Text Version
CROS Project Update and ActionsP1.305/22/13Text Version
Fire Prevention Fee Program UpdateP4.106/11/13Text Version
Emmis Communications CorporationB206/11/13Text Version
Cal Fire's 2013 Focused State Responsibility Area ReviewP4.305/22/13Text Version
Legislative Committee05/22/13Text Version
Business Taxpayers' Bill of Rights HearingF105/22/13Text Version
Rulemaking: Section 100 Changes - Regulation 1703, Interest and PenaltiesJ206/11/13Text Version
Rulemaking: Proposed Amendments to the Board of Equalization Rules for Tax AppealsJ106/11/13Text Version
Proposed Adoption of Amendments to Property Tax Rule 462.040F306/11/13Text Version
Proposed Adoption of Amendments to Cigarette & Tobacco Products Licensing Act Regulations 4601, 4603, 4604 and 4605F206/11/13Text Version
Property Taxpayers' Bill of Rights HearingF205/22/13Text Version
Local Tax Reallocation Hearing of City of FillmoreC405/22/13Text Version
Property Taxes State Assessees' Presentations on the Valuation of State-Assessed PropertiesF104/24/13Text Version
Fire Prevention Fee Program UpdateP4.103/13/13Text Version
Sonja M. CraightonC301/15/13Text Version
Local Tax Reallocation Hearing of City of MilpitasC505/22/13Text Version
Public Comment: John F. Kelly02/26/13Text Version
Final Actions05/22/13Text Version
Rulemaking: Readoption of Emergency Regulation 2000, Retailer Reimbursement RetentionJ105/22/13Text Version
Customer Services and Administrative Efficiency Committee01/15/13Text Version
Appointment of Chief Internal Audit Division Director Brock Wimberley01/15/13Text Version
Executive Director's Report: Alternate Board Meeting SiteP1.104/24/13Text Version
Tax Program Nonappearance Matters - AdjudicatoryH204/24/13Text Version
Property Taxes - State Assessees' Presentations on Capitalization Rates & Other Factors Affecting ValuesF102/26/13Text Version
CROS Project Update and ActionsP1.101/15/13Text Version
SC Brokers, Inc.B504/24/13Text Version
Fire Prevention Fee Program Implementation UpdateP1.304/24/13Text Version
Public Comment: William Connell04/25/13Text Version
Request for Authorization to File Amicus Curiae BriefM104/25/13Text Version
Headquarters Facilities UpdateP5.101/15/13Text Version
Tax Program Nonappearance Matters - AdjudicatoryH1.101/15/13Text Version
Adjournment in Memory of Jeffrey Reynolds04/25/13Text Version
2013/14 Budget UpdateP5.104/24/13Text Version
Hardip Singh SandhuC201/15/13Text Version
Proposed Amendments to Regulation 1685.5F204/24/13Text Version
Final Actions04/25/13Text Version
Final Actions04/24/13Text Version
CROS Project Update and ActionsP1.202/26/13Text Version
CROS Project Update and ActionsP1.103/13/13Text Version
Report from Chris Hill, Department of Finance03/13/13Text Version
Property Tax Committee03/12/13Text Version
Benalex Windows & Doors CorporationC202/27/13Text Version
Business Taxes Committee01/15/13Text Version
Adoption of Board Committee Reports and Recall of Legislative CommitteeO03/13/13Text Version
Business Taxes Committee03/12/13Text Version
Legislative Committee03/12/13Text Version
Tri-Signal Integration, Inc.C1202/28/13Text Version
Federation of Tax Administrators Tobacco Section ResolutionP4.203/13/13Text Version
Richard B. PallackB202/26/13Text Version
Final Actions02/28/13Text Version
Final Actions-D102/28/13Text Version
Final Actions03/12/13Text Version
Final Actions03/13/13Text Version
Final Actions02/27/13Text Version
Chief Counsel Matters: J1 Section 100 ChangesJ103/13/13Text Version
Legal Appeals Matters - Cases Heard Not Decided: East Coast Foods, Inc.H1.102/26/13Text Version
2013/2014 Excise Tax Rate Setting (Fuel Tax Swap)N102/28/13Text Version
Final Actions - Cases Heard February 26, 201302/27/13Text Version
Legislative Committee01/15/13Text Version
Fire Prevention Fee Program UpdateP4.101/15/13Text Version
Executive Director's ReportP101/15/13Text Version
Other Administrative Matters: Update on Embedded Software ProjectP4.201/15/13Text Version
Final Actions01/15/13Text Version