Board Meeting Transcripts 2012

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Board meeting transcripts are the written record of what was said at a Board meeting. They are prepared by agenda item and only upon request. To request a transcript that is not on the pages below, or if you have questions regarding transcripts, contact:

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Case Title Item Number   Board Meeting Date    
Walid Khaled AwwadC1311/15/12Text Version
Eben GossageB308/21/12Text Version
Diane GreenB208/21/12Text Version
Benjamin RojasC1511/14/12Text Version
Tax Program Nonappearance Matters - AdjudicatoryH102/28/12Text Version
Tax Program Nonappearance Matters - ConsentG108/21/12Text Version
Elizabeth Shutters, Inc.C1005/31/12Text Version
Scott L. Stringer and Irene StringerB112/18/12Text Version
David A. BartelC512/19/12Text Version
Legislative Committee12/18/12Text Version
Other Administrative Matters: Headquarters Facilities UpdateP5.112/19/12Text Version
Other Administrative Matters: Fire Prevention Fee Program UpdateP4.112/19/12Text Version
Discussion and Request for Direction Regarding the Implementation of AB 2323M112/19/12Text Version
Bay Area Fence & Deck, Inc.C305/30/12Text Version
Other Administrative Matters: CROS Project Update and ActionsP1.112/19/12Text Version
Resolution re: Alice May Friederichs12/19/12Text Version
Presentation of Retirement Resolution to Kristine Cazadd12/19/12Text Version
Closing Remarks12/18/12Text Version
Appointment of Barbara Owens, Chief, Internal Audit Division12/18/12Text Version
Annual Board Meeting with County Assessors11/15/12Text Version
Final Actions12/19/12Text Version
Final Actions12/18/12Text Version
Rulemaking: Sales and Use Tax Regulation 1620, Interstate and Foreign CommerceJ112/19/12Text Version
Other Administrative Matters: Fire Prevention Fee Program UpdateP4.111/15/12Text Version
Other Administrative Matters: CROS Project Update and ActionsP1.111/15/12Text Version
Property Tax Committee11/15/12Text Version
Other Administrative Matters: California Technology Agency PresentationP6.111/15/12Text Version
Appointment of Randy Silva, Chief, Investigation and Special Operations Division11/14/12Text Version
East Bay Supply, Inc.C811/14/12Text Version
Ann L. DileyC1111/14/12Text Version
Special Presentation of Board Resolution to Regina Evans-Jarrett11/14/12Text Version
Gerald J. Marcil and Carol L. MarcilB110/23/12Text Version
Rulemaking: Alcoholic Beverage Tax Regulations 2558 through 2559.5J111/15/12Text Version
Proposed Adoption of Amendments to Property Tax Rules 101, 171, 252, 1045F111/14/12Text Version
Final Actions11/15/12Text Version
Final Actions: Cases Heard November 14, 201211/15/12Text Version
Other Administrative Matters: CROS Project Update and ActionsP1.110/23/12Text Version
Announcement of Michele Pielsticker10/23/12Text Version
Anderson Audio Visual-East Bay, LLCC2710/25/12Text Version
Other Administrative Matters: 2012/2013 Budget Update and Legislative Budget Change ProposalsP510/23/12Text Version
Final Actions10/25/12Text Version
Rulemaking: Adoption of Emergency Regulations - Lumber Products AssessmentJ110/23/12Text Version
Final Actions10/24/12Text Version
Final Action: Gerald J. Marcil and Carol L. Marcil (Item B1)10/24/12Text Version
Final Actions10/23/12Text Version
Other Administrative Matters: Progress Update and Actions on CROS ProjectP1.209/13/12Text Version
Other Administrative Matters: Board Workload Inventory and Trends for Appeals and SettlementsP1.109/13/12Text Version
Adjournment in Memory of Jake Christopher Stevens09/13/12Text Version
Special Presentation - Department of Finance09/12/12Text Version
Efficiency and Effectiveness InitiativeP1.309/13/12Text Version
Pacific Coast Building ProductsB109/12/12Text Version
Customer Services & Administrative Efficiency Committee09/13/12Text Version
Other Administrative Matters: Headquarters Facilities UpdateP5.109/13/12Text Version
Other Administrative Matters: Fire Prevention Fee Program Implementation UpdateP4.109/13/12Text Version
Tax Program Nonappearance Matters - AdjudicatoryH109/13/12Text Version
Other Administrative Matters: Budget Change ProposalsP5.308/22/12Text Version
Other Administrative Matters: 2012/2013 Budget UpdateP5.208/22/12Text Version
Other Administrative Matters: Headquarters Facility UpdateP5.108/22/12Text Version
Tax Program Nonappearance Matters - Local Tax Reallocation MattersI309/13/12Text Version
Final Actions09/12/12Text Version
Business Taxes Committee08/21/12Text Version
Elite Certified Auto Service & Tires, Inc.C1007/25/12Text Version
Northbay Wellness GroupC708/22/12Text Version
CROS Project Update and ActionsP1.308/22/12Text Version
Property Tax Committee08/21/12Text Version
Proposed Adoption of Amendments to Property Tax Rule 313 and 321F108/21/12Text Version
David Du Tran and Thuyen Thi TranB107/24/12Text Version
Final Actions08/22/12Text Version
Final Actions08/21/12Text Version
Other Administrative Matters: Fire Prevention Fee ProgramP4.407/25/12Text Version
California Insurance CompanyD106/27/12Text Version
Consent Agenda: Board Resolution of Jan K. IshiiN107/25/12Text Version
CROS Project Update and ActionsP1.107/25/12Text Version
Richard J. Robledo and Gloria M. RobledoC807/25/12Text Version
Daniel R. MarcotteB607/24/12Text Version
Ralph Louis TocciC506/27/12Text Version
Tax Program Nonappearance Matters - ConsentG106/26/12Text Version
Henry F. Lenartz and Nona M. LenartzB106/26/12Text Version
Robert C. Johnson and Ruby B. JohnsonB707/24/12Text Version
Public Comment: John Francis Kelly07/25/12Text Version
Adjournment in Memory of Jan K. Ishii07/26/12Text Version
Final Actions07/26/12Text Version
Final Actions07/25/12Text Version
Final Actions07/24/12Text Version
Property Taxpayers' Bill of Rights HearingsF206/26/12Text Version
Louis John Bonacich, Jr.C405/30/12Text Version
Loh Sun International, Inc.D104/26/12Text Version
Tax Program Nonappearance Matters - AdjudicatoryH1.106/26/12Text Version
CROS Project Update and ActionsP1.305/31/12Text Version
Business Taxes Committee06/26/12Text Version
Tax Program Nonappearance Matters - Local Tax Reallocation MattersI3.105/30/12Text Version
Customer Services & Administrative Efficiency Committee06/26/12Text Version
Legislative Committee06/26/12Text Version
Hung Van PhamC606/27/12Text Version
Final Actions-Item D104/26/12Text Version
Final Actions06/26/12Text Version
Business Taxpayers' Bill of Rights HearingsF106/26/12Text Version
Proposed Adoption of Amendments to Regulation 1618F306/26/12Text Version
Final Actions06/27/12Text Version
Chief Counsel Matters - Request for Authorization to File Amicus Curiae BriefM105/31/12Text Version
Chief Counsel Matters - Request for Authorization to File Amicus Curiae BriefM205/31/12Text Version
Property Taxes Committee05/30/12Text Version
Business Taxes Committee05/30/12Text Version
James Eugene GoldsteinC1904/26/12Text Version
Legislative Committee05/30/12Text Version
Other Administrative Matters: Creating a Culture of ExcellenceP5.405/31/12Text Version
Other Administrative Matters: Headquarters Facility UpdateP5.205/31/12Text Version
Customer Services & Administrative Efficiency Committee05/30/12Text Version
Fence America, Inc.C205/30/12Text Version
Administration Deputy Director's Report: 2012/13 Budget UpdateP5.305/31/12Text Version
No Cash Pilot UpdateP3.205/31/12Text Version
Property Tax Rule 263 Roll CorrectionsJ205/31/12Text Version
Specified Special Taxes and Fees RegulationsJ105/31/12Text Version
Proposed Adoption of Amendments to Regulation 1684F105/30/12Text Version
Final Actions05/31/12Text Version
Final Actions05/30/12Text Version
CROS Project Update and ActionsP1.104/26/12Text Version
Jay NewmanC2204/26/12Text Version
Union Outlet, Inc.C2004/26/12Text Version
Zoba International, Corp.C1704/26/12Text Version
East Coast Foods, Inc.C1804/26/12Text Version
Announcement of Lou Faletto04/25/12Text Version
Guillermo Memo EstradaC904/25/12Text Version
Property Taxpayer's Bill of Rights HearingsF304/24/12Text Version
Business Taxpayer's Bill of Rights HearingsF204/24/12Text Version
James J. MartinB104/24/12Text Version
William Blaine RiggleC2102/01/12Text Version
Retirement Resolution: Kenneth W. Topper03/21/12Text Version
Legislative Committee03/20/12Text Version
David A. BartelC103/20/12Text Version
Final Actions04/25/12Text Version
Final Actions: Heartbeat, Inc.04/25/12Text Version
Final Actions04/26/12Text Version
Final Actions04/24/12Text Version
Business Taxes Committee03/20/12Text Version
Administration Deputy Director's Report: Headquarters Facility UpdateP5.103/21/12Text Version
Customer Services & Administrative Efficiency Committee03/20/12Text Version
Final Actions03/20/12Text Version
CROS Project Update and ActionsP1.103/21/12Text Version
Petition to Amend Property Tax Rule 462.040, Change in Ownership - Joint TendanciesJ103/21/12Text Version
Personnel Announcements03/21/12Text Version
Proposed Adoption of Amendments to Regulation 1685.5F103/20/12Text Version
Final Actions03/21/12Text Version
Ali Amidy and Guiti NahavandiB103/20/12Text Version
Eric Anthony GuidiceD102/01/12Text Version
Business Taxes Committee02/28/12Text Version
State Assessees Presentations on Capitalization Rates and Other Factors Affecting ValuesF102/28/12Text Version
Customer Services & Administrative Efficiency Committee02/28/12Text Version
Legislative Committee02/28/12Text Version
Legislative Committee01/11/12Text Version
Other Administrative Matters: Headquarters Facility UpdateP5.102/29/12Text Version
Public Comment: William Connell02/28/12Text Version
Final Actions02/28/12Text Version
Final Actions02/29/12Text Version
Discussion of Qualifed Purchaser Program ProceduresP3.102/02/12Text Version
CROS Project Update and ActionsP1.102/02/12Text Version
Comcast Cablevision Corporation of California, Taxpayer, and Common Production Services I, Inc., AssumerB102/02/12Text Version
Nnadi Linus UdengwuC2302/01/12Text Version
Team Post-Op, Inc.C901/31/12Text Version
Fidelity Asset Management, Inc.C101/31/12Text Version
Leo R. BoeseB302/02/12Text Version
Final Actions02/01/12Text Version
Final Actions02/02/12Text Version
Final Actions01/31/12Text Version
Other Administrative Matters: CROS & Department of Justice Billable ServicesP5.3 A & B01/11/12Text Version
Other Administrative Matters: Headquarters Facility UpdateP5.101/11/12Text Version
Other Administrative Matters: CROS Project Update and ActionsP1.101/11/12Text Version
Final Actions01/11/12Text Version