Board Meeting Transcripts 2010

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Board meeting transcripts are the written record of what was said at a Board meeting. They are prepared by agenda item and only upon request. To request a transcript that is not on the pages below, or if you have questions regarding transcripts, contact:

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Case Title Item Number   Board Meeting Date    
Tax Program Nonappearance Matters, AdjudicatoryH212/14/10Text Version
Tax Program Nonappearance Matters, Adjudicatory, Franchise And Income Tax MattersH203/23/10Text Version
Customer Services and Administrative Efficiency Committee12/14/10Text Version
Daniel V, Inc.B212/14/10Text Version
Donald R. Diamond and Joan B. Diamond, Frank A. Aries and Mary Lou AriesB1 A & B10/19/10Text Version
Other Administrative Matters: Budget Update, Furlough Plan and LayoffsP5-2.a08/25/10Text Version
Customer Services and Administrative Efficiency Committee09/15/10Text Version
Property Tax Committee07/13/10Text Version
Property Tax Committee09/15/10Text Version
Legislative Committee08/25/10Text Version
Lockheed Martin Government Services, Inc.C412/15/10Text Version
Administrative Deputy Director’s ReportP5-212/14/10Text Version
Administrative Deputy Director’s ReportP5-1 a-c12/14/10Text Version
Kingston Technology Corporation, David Sun and Diana Sun, and John Tu and Mary TuB112/14/10Text Version
Administrative Deputy Director’s ReportP5-207/15/10Text Version
Administrative Deputy Director’s ReportP5-205/26/10Text Version
Administrative Deputy Director’s ReportP5-1 a & b08/25/10Text Version
Sales and Use Tax Deputy Director’s Report: Collection Cost Reimbursement Program Implementation PlanP3.112/14/10Text Version
Front Page Communications, Inc.C312/15/10Text Version
Sales and Use Tax Deputy Director’s Report: Collection Cost Reimbursement Program Implementation Plan (Continued)P3.112/15/10Text Version
Grimmway Enterprises, Inc.C108/25/10Text Version
Business Taxes Committee12/14/10Text Version
Lynne Marie Gallagher and Francis Xavier GallagherC508/25/10Text Version
Legal Appeals Property Tax Matters, Adjudicatory (Continued)H1012/15/10Text Version
Final Actions - P.M.12/15/10Text Version
Final Actions - A.M.12/15/10Text Version
Legal Appeals Property Tax Matters, AdjudicatoryH1012/14/10Text Version
Final Actions12/14/10Text Version
Valerie NelsonB910/19/10Text Version
Main Street California, Inc.C208/25/10Text Version
Special Presentation of Board Resolution to Barbara Alby12/15/10Text Version
Regulation 1533.1, Farm Equipment and Machinery (Proposed Amendments to)J211/16/10Text Version
Regulation 1584, Membership Fees (Proposed Amendments to)J111/16/10Text Version
Legal Appeals Matters, AdjudicatoryH108/24/10Text Version
Regulation 1506, Miscellaneous Service Enterprises (Proposed Amendments to)F112/14/10Text Version
Special Presentation of Retirement Resolution to Jean Ogrod12/14/10Text Version
Five FriendsC311/17/10Text Version
Corporate Franchise and Personal Income Tax Matters, AdjudicatoryH211/17/10Text Version
Charles P. FranklinB211/17/10Text Version
Administration Deputy Director’s ReportP511/16/10Text Version
Legislative Committee11/16/10Text Version
Business Taxes Committee11/16/10Text Version
Ismail Ahmad KarajahD209/15/10Text Version
TestOut CorporationC303/24/10Text Version
The Auto Store of Merced, Inc./Sana SadeddinC2a & b09/14/10Text Version
Pedotti LivestockC509/14/10Text Version
Lucent Technologies, Inc.C205/25/10Text Version
Legal Appeals Matters ConsentG108/24/10Text Version
Final Actions11/18/10Text Version
Final Actions on Cases Heard 11/17/10 (Items C2, C3 and C4)11/18/10Text Version
Public Comment: John Francis Kelly10/20/10Text Version
Frank J. VigilB411/18/10Text Version
Final Actions (Includes H1.3 and H2.5)11/17/10Text Version
Legal Appeals Matters, AdjudicatoryH111/17/10Text Version
Gwang Hyun Song and Keum J. SongC310/20/10Text Version
John J. SkillingsB610/19/10Text Version
Charles E. Grays IIB210/19/10Text Version
NCMG, Inc.C507/14/20Text Version
Final Actions10/20/10Text Version
Comments in Memory of Jenny Oropeza10/21/10Text Version
Final Actions10/19/10Text Version
Final Actions on Case heard 10/19/10 (B1 & other comments)10/20/10Text Version
Final Actions10/21/10Text Version
Edmund (Chad) Siva (Deceased)/ Harold T Riggs, Jr./ Wayne L. Hause and Kelly R. HauseB3, B4 & B510/19/10Text Version
Business Taxes Committee 09/15/10Text Version
Special Presentation of Retirement Resolution to Randie L. Henry09/14/10Text Version
Special Presentation of Retirement Resolution to Ramon J. Hirsig09/14/10Text Version
Cities of Los Angeles, Roseville, San Diego, and Santa ClaraC909/15/10Text Version
Christopher J. Hadsell and Catherine C. HadsellB108/24/10Text Version
Administration Deputy Director's ReportP509/15/10Text Version
Property Taxes - State Assessees’ Presentations on Capitalization Rates and other Factors Affecting ValuesF201/26/10Text Version
Final Actions on Case Heard 9/14/10 (Item C7)09/15/10Text Version
Final Actions09/15/10Text Version
Final Actions on Cases Heard 9/14/10 (Includes Item H2.2)09/15/10Text Version
Announcement after Closed Session, Personnel Matters: Jeff McGuire and Kristine Cazadd09/15/10Text Version
Brent C. Welling and Viki Lee WellingB308/24/10Text Version
Administration Deputy Director's Report, 2011/12 DRAFT Budget Change ProposalsP5.308/25/10Text Version
Kerry Michael Lawrence / Robert A. SchimpfC8 & C907/14/10Text Version
Gerber Marital Trust (Non-Exempt), Gerber Marital Trust (Exempt)B507/13/10Text Version
Final Actions on Case Heard 6/15/10 (Item B1)06/16/10Text Version
Final Actions on Case Heard 8/24/10 (Item B2)08/25/10Text Version
Final Actions08/24/10Text Version
Oracle CorporationC207/14/10Text Version
Hank Feenstra and Catherine FeenstraB107/13/10Text Version
Commodore Cruises and Events, Inc.C407/14/10Text Version
Property Tax Rules 471, Timberland, and 1020, Timber Value AreasF108/24/10Text Version
Final Actions08/25/10Text Version
Retirement Announcement of Jean Cramer06/16/10Text Version
Legislative Committee05/26/10Text Version
Felix Lin and Betty Lin; Linus Upson; Rafael WeinsteinB2a-c07/13/10Text Version
Legislative Committee07/13/10Text Version
Mas N Zul, Inc.C1506/18/10Text Version
Maherali, Inc.C506/17/10Text Version
Special Presentation to the Franchise Tax Board07/13/10Text Version
Final Actions07/13/10Text Version
Final Actions07/14/10Text Version
Chief Counsel Matters, Rulemaking - Section 100 Changes to Regulation 1598, Motor Vehicle and Aircraft FuelsJ107/15/10Text Version
D & H Service StationC906/17/10Text Version
LaVona D. ShellmireB906/15/10Text Version
Other Chief Counsel Matters - Request for Authorization to File Amicus Curiae BriefM106/18/10Text Version
Elisabeth BossinghamB1306/16/10Text Version
Jason R. PridmoreC1606/18/10Text Version
Property Tax Committee04/13/10Text Version
Business Taxes Committee 05/26/10Text Version
Legislative Committee 03/24/10Text Version
Annabell M. PalmerB106/15/10Text Version
Final Actions06/15/10Text Version
David Lail and Karen Lail B1206/16/10Text Version
Final Actions06/16/10Text Version
Gary LaubB1806/16/10Text Version
Rick Burningham, et al.B2006/16/10Text Version
Final Actions06/17/10Text Version
Adjournment in memory of Todd D. Mac Murray and Mary Ann Morgan06/18/10Text Version
Final Actions06/18/10Text Version
K.A.R.E.N. Oil Company, Inc.D106/18/10Text Version
Business Taxpayers' Bill of Rights HearingsF106/15/10Text Version
Macromedia, Inc.C103/24/10Text Version
Final Actions03/24/10Text Version
Special Presentation – Honorable Bill Leonard03/23/10Text Version
Regulation 1698.5, Audit ProceduresF103/23/10Text Version
Final Actions03/25/10Text Version
Chief Counsel Matters, Rulemaking - Section 100 Changes to SUT Regs. 1525.7, 1584, 1602.5 and 1700J1, J2, J3, J403/25/10Text Version
Final Actions04/13/10Text Version
Alliance Member Services, Inc. / Nonprofits’ Insurance Alliance of CaliforniaE104/13/10Text Version
Tax Program Nonappearance Matters - AdjudicatoryH1, H2, H4, H604/13/10Text Version
Granite Rock Company, Bruce W. Woolpert and Rose Ann Woolpert, Bruce G. Woolpert and Mary E. Woolpert, Stephen G. Woolpert and Elizabeth M. Woolpert, Arthur Woolpert, Marianne Woolpert, Joseph Woolpert, Melissa E. WoolpertB103/23/10Text Version
Final Actions03/23/10Text Version
Final Actions01/26/10Text Version
Property Tax Rules 192, 193, and 371F101/26/10Text Version
Chief Counsel Matters, Rulemaking - Specified Special Tax and Fee RegulationsJ101/27/10Text Version
Chief Counsel Matters, Rulemaking - Property Tax Rule 312, Hearing RecordJ201/27/10Text Version
Chief Counsel Matters, Rulemaking - Sales and Use Tax Regulation 1699, PermitsJ301/27/10Text Version
Chief Counsel Matters, Rulemaking - Sales and Use Tax Regulation 1597, Property Transferred or Sold by Certain Nonprofit OrganizationsJ401/27/10Text Version
Internet Support and Services CorpC201/26/10Text Version
Customer Service and Administrative Efficiency Committee01/26/10Text Version
Legislative Committee01/26/10Text Version
Proposal to Reorganize the Special Taxes DivisionP1.301/27/10Text Version
Executive Director's Report - Development of BOE 2010-2015 Strategic Plan & Functional Organization OpportunitiesP1.1 & P1.201/27/10Text Version
Administration Deputy Director's ReportP501/27/10Text Version
William M. Bennett - Board's Condolences02/23/10Text Version
Final Actions02/23/10Text Version
Final Actions - A.M.02/24/10Text Version
Final Actions - P.M.02/24/10Text Version
Final Actions on Case Heard 2/23/10 (Item B2)02/24/10Text Version
Williard M. ChristineB402/23/10Text Version
Young LifeC502/24/10Text Version
Medical Equipment Discount CenterC202/24/10Text Version
Sales and Use Tax Deputy Director's Report, Update on Unapplied Remittances ProjectP3.103/25/10Text Version
City of IrvineC101/26/10Text Version
Other Chief Counsel Matters - Discussion of Current Status of Appeals of Homeowner and Renter Property Tax Assistance Appeals and Response to Franchise Tax BoardM101/27/10Text Version
Culver City Board Meeting CostsP1.401/27/10Text Version
Team Dennis Conner CorporationC402/24/10Text Version
Regulation 4903, Innocent Spouse or Registered Domestic Partner Relief from LiabilityF203/23/10Text Version
John Henry Darral SteinhauerC401/27/10Text Version
Walter B. Elcock and Laura K. ElcockB203/23/10Text Version
Thomas A. Leonardini and Karen M. LeonardiniB104/13/10Text Version
Administration Deputy Director's Report, Facilities UpdateP5.104/13/10Text Version
Administrative Session, Administrative Consent AgendaN03/25/10Text Version
Sales and Use Tax Deputy Director's Report, Update On Unapplied RemittancesP3.a04/13/10Text Version
Administration Deputy Director's Report03/25/10Text Version
Property Tax Committee05/26/10Text Version
Administrative Matter, Census 2010: California Complete CountP102/23/10Text Version
Ian James JohnstonB1202/24/10Text Version
Chief Counsel Matters, RulemakingJ05/26/10Text Version
Final Actions05/26/10Text Version
Final Actions05/25/10Text Version
Opening Comments Re: Ms. Steel's MBA05/25/10Text Version
Closing Comments in Memory of Michael Kopp05/26/10Text Version
Business Taxpayers' Bill of Rights HearingsF204/13/10Text Version
Property Taxpayers' Bill of Rights HearingsF304/13/10Text Version
State Assessed Properties Value Setting05/26/10Text Version
Property Taxes - State Assessees Presentations On The Valuation Of State-Assessed PropertiesF104/13/10Text Version
Elizabeth Wardley Kwong & Raymond Wah KwongC1a&b02/24/10Text Version
Other Chief Counsel Matters - Request For Authorization To File Amicus Curiae BriefM105/26/10Text Version
Harvinder Singh Pahal And Satvinder KaurB204/13/10Text Version