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This page will display current BOE vacant positions that you can transfer into based upon the maximum monthly salary that you enter below. Please note, this tool only takes into consideration salaries for class movement. In addition, SPB Rules 250 and 430-433, and the alternate range criteria relating to the salary movement must be applied to make the final determination of the transfer eligibility.

Enter numbers only.
What is the maximum monthly salary level for the class in which you last received an appointment from a list (include your alternate range, if you are in a "deep class")?
  • The pay scales used by the calculator are the latest available from the State Controller's Office, but may not reflect all of the pay raises granted recently. You should verify the salary levels with your personnel office before making any commitments.
  • You must meet all transfer requirements as outlined in SPB "How to Transfer Within State Civil Service"
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Filter: (/) Selects rows (as you type) that meet the filter criteria; press the [Esc] key to clear the filter.
Check the checkbox to select rows that do not contain the value in the filter. Super-quick filter: Double-click a cell to filter by its value.

Sorting: Click the column headings to sort. Click a column a 2nd time to reverse the sort. Shift-click to sort by multiple columns.

Legend: Positions that pay more than my current position | = Positions that pay equal to my current position | Positions that pay less than my current position