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Job TitleMin
BUSINESS TAXES COMPLIANCE SPECIALIST $4,711$5,900Full TimePermanentInvestigations - OaklandALAMEDA12/09/201412/23/2014
BUSINESS TAXES ADMINISTRATOR II $5,961$7,789Full TimePermanentBOE/SUTD/El SegundoLOS ANGELES12/09/201412/23/2014
TAX COUNSEL $4,674$8,141Full TimeLimited Term (24)Legal Department-Settlement DivisionMultiple12/08/201412/22/2014
ASSOCIATE INFORMATION SYSTEMS ANALYST (SPECIALIST) $4,711$6,195Full TimePermanentAdmin/ASD/Telecommunications SectionSACRAMENTO12/11/201412/26/2014
BUSINESS TAXES REPRESENTATIVE $3,168$4,906Full TimePermanentSTPCD-Collections SectionSACRAMENTO12/08/201412/22/2014
STAFF SERVICES ANALYST (GENERAL) $2,873$4,671Full TimePermanentBoard of Equalization/Contract SectionSACRAMENTO12/11/201412/26/2014
SUPERVISING TAX AUDITOR II $5,684$7,473Full TimePermanentAudit Examination BranchSACRAMENTO12/10/201412/24/2014
SUPERVISING TAX AUDITOR II $5,684$7,473Full TimePermanentPSTD/Appeals and Data Analysis BranchSACRAMENTO12/10/201412/24/2014
TAX TECHNICIAN I $2,326$3,125Full TimeLimited Term (18)STPCD-Registration and Licensing SectionSACRAMENTO12/10/201412/24/2014
TAX TECHNICIAN II $2,691$3,371Full TimeLimited Term (18)STPCD-Registration and Licensing SectionSACRAMENTO12/10/201412/24/2014